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Since its founding in 2013, Katsuda Synergy Lawyers has quickly established itself as a premier provider of legal representation for Japanese and Australian businesses and individuals.  KSL has built a high profile to become one of the leading Japanese run law firms in Australia. We provide our clients with legal advice in both Japanese and English, and work particularly closely with other law firms with extensive and diverse experience to provide premium legal advice to our clients.

Central to the firm’s success is the team of highly skilled, commercially driven lawyers who are committed to a strong, long-term relationship with our clients. The collaboration between Junko Katsuda and James Hammond gives the practice a dependable symmetry. Junko's practical experience across corporate, employment and family law fortifies KSL as an integrated all-in-one law firm. We understand the issues when the stakes for you, your family, your career, or your business are high. When you need a top lawyer at your side, you want KSL.


Junko Katsuda



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