Starting a Business in Japan

Japan is well known as one of the world's largest market, having the third largest GDP in the world.

Despite a long and challenging period in its economy, Japan retains major economic strengths throughout this period. Low debt, strong cash positions, marketable securities and properties attract investors and deploy various business strategies. Its geographic benefit as a hub in Asia allows you to reach other growing markets.


Katsuda Synergy Lawyers supports international investors and businesses navigate investing and operating in Japan in collaboration with Japanese law firms and other professionals in Japan.

How to Set Up A Business in Japan

In order to expand your business to the Japanese market, first of all, you need to decide on a type of operation. The key to success is to not only consider the relevant laws, regulations and procedures but also related labour, environment and industrial customs.


Katsuda Synergy Lawyers is the professional group who understands both the Japanese and Australian laws and markets. Our One -stop Service enables you to receive the latest legal developments from pre-research to operating your business in Japan and connecting with other Japanese professionals and businesses. We can help you to open the door to business opportunities in Japan providing on shore and off shore support.

Preliminary research

  • Research for relevant laws and regulations
  • Legal check/consulting
  • Deciding partner(s) in Japan

Obtaining Licences and permissions

  • Applying for a permission, authorisation, registration and/or notification
  • Protecting trademarks and IP


  • External contracts
  • (e.g. Office release contract, contracts with clients)
  • Internal contracts
  • (e.g. Employment agreement, shareholders agreements)
  • Translating contracts

Setting up a business

  • Deciding on a business structure
  • (Incorporations, Branch or Resident offices)
  • Registering a business entity
  • Listing on the Japanese Stock Exchange


  • Comparing visa options
  • (Investor visa, Business Manager visa etc.)
  • Reviewing specific qualifications for visa
  • Preparing Visa applications and translating documents

Business Commencement

  • Communicating with regulators and government agencies
  • Tax affairs and tax filing
  • Personnel/labour management



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